Stills: 1 2 3


12.18 min, 5K digital cinema
Rheda/ Dortmund/ Marl, Germany

A visual homage to the sensual world of 70ies science-fiction, TRIPLE F is about power, jealousy and interpersonal war set amidst a heavenly castle garden, apocalyptic prefab architecture and historic downtown buildings of three female kingdoms and their rulers who puppeteer their people in a bitter war. The films characters – riddled with repressed desire – are obsessed with controlling and erasing the opponent as much as their own compatriots. By drawing parallels to the work of American filmmaker David Lynch, German filmmaker Christoph Schlingensief, as well as starring actress-muses Ela Paul (Unter Uns) and Denise M’Baye (Um Himmels Willen), Marcin’s melodramatic narration is subverted through a subtle irony, and sheds light on power, freedom, utopia and consumerism in a post-sensual world.

'The film, as a reflection and critique of ugly political and social dynamic, points to its unhealthy impact on the human mind, and the inevitability of its mechanisms in a service economy of the modern metropolis.'

(S.Corona, 'The Art without Gravity', Wallstreet Magazine, Nov 2013)

The film was commissioned by Film- und Media Foundation NRW, Düsseldorf.