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12.00 min, HD
New York, USA

In the video ‘Hotel’ existentialism meets sensuality: The Superintendent invites four Trainees into the privacy of the ‘Hotel’, where they must undergo a series of theoretical and practical exercises, reminiscent of body art and performance lecture, administered by the Bellboy, the Superintendent and the Hotel Owner. Each Trainee is assessed according to his or her performance and willingness to submit to the Easy-to-Believe system. 

The seemingly ordinary shortfilm maneuvers into one of a live performance, captured on video, in which the setting of ‘Hotel’, as a semi private, semi public and semi personal space, becomes a metaphor for our culture: A society run by service, filled with competition and commercial interest. Beneath its surface: Alack of identity, individualism and motif. By creating a set of ‘personae’ who fully commit to this system, a comparison is drawn to psychological mechanisms and authorities in our own culture and education.