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Losing Virginity

58 sec/ 1.22 min/ 45 sec, mini DV
Berlin, Germany

In "Losing Virginity" the contradiction between demand, defense, desire and aversion accompanies the feeling of human discord between impulse, emotion and control. Consisting of three main clips, the first one gives view on two humans in sexual act - filmed from the bird perspective, covered by a linen, they move mechanically up and down. In the other clip a woman innocently stars into the camera while stating the sentence: "Do you want to marry me?". Meanwhile she presses her breasts towards her face and a yellow cream comes to of her bra. In the third clip the same young woman is licking pudding from a bowl in a cat like manner, sitting nude on all four. While the performance questions the innocence juxtaposed with sexual actions, the viewer is placed as an observer into a voyeuristische, homogenous setup - loosing innocence at the same time.