1.56 min, HDV
Haltern, Germany

'Elephant in the room' is an English idiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. In Marcin's 'Elephant' the protagonist, a young female, is walking through the sunny summer forest, high-heeled in an airy dress. Suddenly she starts to gunshot in different directions. As the shot resounds, her chest is hit and bloods runs onto the dress. She continues her walk in a silent, conscious manner until she finds a bambi on a clearance. The representation of the female body as a prime target stands in contradiction with the fact that the woman is shooting herself. In the end the woman finds herself mirrored in the external element of a bambi, a large creature laying on the ground. Marcin points in a silent way on the ambiguity of education, self-definition and vulnerability. A sad undertone accompanies the absurd and humorous story.