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Are you lonesome tonight?

5* 2.26 min, HDV
New York, USA

In "Are you lonesome tonight?" are five monitors placed inside five grooves of a stage like sculpture in the colors of the American flag. On top of a stage is an aluminum pole that holds a super-sized microphone with the colors of the German flag. On each of the five monitors another woman with blonde wig is performing “Are you lonesome tonight?" by Elvis that has been replaced with new lyrics:

'Are you fearful tonight,
Do you worship tonight?
Are you sorry you dont share a bond?
Does your image stray to a bright summer day (…)'

The stage is empty and seems like an invitation to be performed on and thereby become part of the opera like choir. The effort and the theatricality of the karaoke like act reflect on the mode of self-dramatization in American culture. Through the overlapping of the choir, the self- accusations of the text are driven into the absurd. The inherent quality of Entertainment such as self- selling and self- deception reveals itself as a search for identity.